Using sport as a catalyst to promote female participation and wellbeing is a key objective of the Foundation. It currently engages over two-hundred females per week through its delivery of the Trinity Ladies rugby league and football teams based from the Sharlston Rovers ARLFC and Hemsworth Miners Welfare Football Club. All programmes are delivered by a passionate, hard-working and dedicated team of professionally qualified coaches and tutors and at the heart of our organisation is an understanding of the vital role that sport and can play in engaging, educating and inspiring people of all ages and abilities.

Working through the powerful voices of our Ladies rugby league and football players combined with the brand of Wakefield Trinity, Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation will deliver two ‘Empower’ sessions each week.

Each session is 60 minutes in duration, split into two halves. The first forty-minutes will be dedicated to participation in physical activity (intensity appropriate) through low impact football, touch rugby, and fitness classes, with the second half led by qualified instructor who will deliver positive wellbeing workshops designed to promote mental resilience and improved understanding of healthy lifestyles. Content will include understanding of mental fitness, coping skills, stress management strategies, relaxation techniques, and diet.

Our session details are below