Captain’s Corner

Club Committee Member, Garry Willis, spoke with Trinity’s Development team Captain, Charlotte Roberts, on the start to the season and some of the challenges faced due to Covid-19.


GW: “Hi Charlotte, and thanks for having a chat with me today under the recent circumstances.”


GW: “So we finally had some football matches up to last week, what are your thoughts on the last couple of months especially the games you’ve played?”


CR: “Well we’ve played four games this season in the Devs so far and as a squad against three of possibly the best four teams in the league and on the whole we have held are own. The squad is made up of fringe first team players and the core of our under 18’s team. We have beaten Sheffield Wednesday twice, lost to Barnsley and lost to Dronfield. But in all the games we’ve been competitive and we have shown that we have the ability to score against the opposition, but we’ve been leaking goals. Not from being outplayed but from making individual mistakes (me included).”


GW: “That’s great and what’s your thoughts on the Development squad that’s been put together so far?”


CR: “We never have the opportunity to train as a development team and have different personnel week in week out due to first team requirements, which always puts us on the back foot but this being said we have some real potential in the team. Some sides have tried to bully us on a weekly basis and praise must be given to the younger players who have never taking a backward step and never shied out of a challenge.”


GW: “What do you think of the start the whole squad has made from preseason to now?”


CR: “At the beginning of the season I had no idea how it would pan out, but my thoughts are that we are being competitive against teams which are older, more experienced than us and more established. And I think we have the ability to beat any team in this league and If we can keep this squad together and gain experience I honestly believe we have the ability to win this league.”


GW: “What about the management team that’s been put in place? Doing a great job yeah?”


CR: “The management team are one of the best I’ve ever played under, both Lee and Ant are always full of praise and encouragement. They are hardly ever negative and never give out criticism at all which is great for all of us.”


GW: ”What’s your thoughts on the rest of the season and how it will possibly pan out?”


CR: “This season has been the big one, but we have had a taste of this league and we know what is required to gain results. The young squad are gaining experience and growing in confidence with every game we play, they are an amazing credit to the club and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this team and all the players part of it.”


GW: “That’s brilliant to hear Charlotte and thank you for speaking to me today and hopefully see you in a couple of weeks back at training.”


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