Captain’s Corner


This week, we spoke to former England Youth International and First Team Captain, Emily Heckler, about her thoughts over the past couple of months and how we’ve progressed since pre-season.


GW: “Hi Emily, thanks for joining me great to see you! A few questions for you on everything Wakey this season.”


GW: “What are your thoughts on the squad we have built for this season?”


EH: “Since last year we have taken a big step forward, the quality of players coming in has given us that ability to put strong solid performances in. The strength and depth in the squad is fantastic. Last year we were nearly there and this year I feel like the patterns of play, the strength in attacking and with a solid backline we can only be happy with our progress. I certainly look forward to every fixture this year to turn around the results from last season.”


GW: “What do you think of how we’ve done from pre season to now?”


EH: “The quality of pre-season and the hard work off the pitch especially with the efforts of Craig, Lee, Jordan, Garry, Jason (U18s) and our fitness coach, Adam, are why we are in the position so far.”


GW: “Obviously last season was cut short and we had to restart from scratch in the same league, after pushing so close for promotion, how do you think we’ve done?”


EH: “Since March we have been on a rollercoaster. To end the season the way it did through the sport perspective was gutting. We were near the top of the table with it all to play for and the last few weeks of last season would have been exciting for all teams involved. The safety aspect had to come in to play and we had to look after ourselves, families, friends and communities.”


GW: “Was it a relief to get back out on the training field once we got the shout we could get going?”


EH: “When the news came in we could return to training all the girls were buzzing as much as Zoom quizzes are great to have a catch up the thought of training and speaking with each other face to face was the best news ever!”


GW: “What a great start to the season how do you think we have done so far from a players point of view?”


EH: “We have had a strong start to the season with wins but more importantly solid performances from all over the pitch. We had a slip against Hull United and the girls know we didn’t hit the quality that we are about. We have put that behind us and we move on. The final game before lockdown against York was exactly what we are all about with our attacking presence and defensive solid back line. We chances we created from the middles with fantastic patterns of play gave us a solid 6-0 performance to finish on.”


GW: “How do the girls feel about getting going again?”


EH: “We are all looking forward to the season to restart so we can continue where we left off and continue our unbeaten run.”



GW: “You were handed the first team captaincy at the start of the season, congratulations! How did that feel and how was the atmosphere around the camp?”


EH: “It was an honour to be named Captain this year and I hope I can lead the team to winning trophies. I love being around the girls their commitment every week goes without saying. We have such a strong bond that I haven’t seen at any other team. Meeting up most weekends off the field (out of lockdown) just goes to show the friendship we have and I hope this continues going forward.”


GW: “Brilliant talking to you Emily and good luck for the weekend against Harrogate Town!”


Emily Heckler is sponsored by RCM Wellness Centre – website  

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